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In today's Internet age, the network is the lifeblood of your business. Keeping the network operating at peak performance directly affects your company's bottom line. Whether you are managing high-speed switched networks, guaranteeing quick response for critical applications, integrating voice and video with data traffic or supporting e-commerce, you need network analysis tools to get maximum performance, reliability and uptime from your network. At Data Link Inc., we sell, use and rent Network Associates, Sniffer Network Analyzer's.
Network Associates Sniffer Pro network analyzers are the fault and performance management solutions that enable network professionals to maintain, troubleshoot, fine-tune, and expand multi-topology, multi-protocol networks. By incorporating Expert analysis capabilities and advanced protocol decodes, Sniffer Analyzers are able to determine, pinpoint, and analyze performance problems, automatically recommending a course of corrective action to resolve network performance issues fast.

The Sniffer Analyzer's job is simple: keep the LAN running at peak performance levels. The analyzer captures frames; simultaneously building a database of network objects from the observed traffic and uses this knowledge to detect network anomalies. An anomaly is categorized as a "symptom" -- a non-critical event such as a single file retransmission, or a "diagnosis" -- a critical fault requiring prompt attention. After isolating, analyzing and categorizing the problem, The Sniffer alerts you, explains the problem, and recommends corrective action - all automatically and in real time.

Many integrators claim to provide network diagnostic services but don't have the expertise or testing resources to adequately service their customers. Data Link Inc., delivers with technicians and engineers certified in the use of Network Associates Sniffer Network Analyzers. Whether your topology is 100BaseT, Gigabit or WAN, we have the analyzer thats right for the job. So the next time your network needs a health checkup, give us a call.